Convertible Crochet


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An irresistible collection of 25 versatile and customizable crochet designs and motifs that can be assembled or syled into multiple looks. Award-winning designer Doris Chan gives readers a brand new way to think about crochet fashion. Convertible Crochet is filled with ingenious patterns that work for a variety of purposes and occasions, from a cute wrap that can become a vest, to a top that can be lengthened into a dress, or a shawl that transforms into a skirt. Popular crochet designer Doris Chan shows how to make the most out of a single crochet design with the projects and techniques in Convertible Crochet. Every design in this book can become somethign totally new: with a strategically placed crocheted cord, a lacy cape transforms into a swinging skirt; a cardigan unbuttons into a sari wrap. Beginning with a single lace patterns, each design builds upon the previousmotifs to create 25 projects, garments and accessories that are fresh, multitasking, adjustable for almost every size, and fun to make.

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