Decoden Desserts


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Hailing from Japan, this craft craze began with decorating mobile phone cases with all things cute, glitzy, and sweet. Deco Den Desserts- a delightful Threads Select Booklet- is literally the icing on the cake, featuring everything from hand mirrors to jewellery to trainers, deliciously decorated with faux sweets and treats. A common embellishing theme, as you’ll see in Deco Den Desserts, is decorating with cookies, cakes, and candy. One can find these sweet treats embellishing almost any style of DecoDen craft. Some embellishments are miniature versions of real sweets that look good enough to eat, and others are fantasy versions that look like they are straight from a pop music video. Both versions are equally cute and contain no calories! Deco Den Desserts shows you how to whip up a faux cake icing and apply the dimensional fabric paint (aka drizzle) to create drippy dessert sauces like chocolate and strawberry sauce. Deco Den Desserts provides all the instructions to get you started on no-bake glammed-up desserts, cakes, and parfaits, or embellishing DecoDen classics like mobile phone cases, jewellery and everything in between. So grab some icing and mini sweets and start decorating!

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