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On the heels of the successful Simply Sublime Bags comes a how-to book for creating quick, easy and stylish no- and low-sew presents for every person on your list. Gift giving has become a major part of our modern everyday lives and finding the perfect present is an ongoing challenge. So what better way to give something personal, meaningful and unique than to make it yourself? Simply Sublime Gifts offers the secrets to whipping up more than 30 sophisticated-looking gifts quickly and inexpensively. Crafted with easy-to-find, everyday materials, these clever projects are a breeze to create. Whether it’s a pretty set of note cards, a stylish wallet, or personalised baby grows, these projects are as much fun to make as they are to give away. Clever gift-wrapping ideas are sprinkled throughout the book, underscoring the idea that simple, creative touches can make a present unique and memorable. So before you head to the shops to buy another jumper, tie, or gift card, consider what you can create yourself instead. The results will be simply sublime.

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