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Me Ra Koh’s follow-up to her bestselling Your Baby in Pictures is the antidote to digital snapshot overload, inviting parents to slow down, stop taking thousands of so-so photos that languish on the computer and instead focus on capturing singular, more powerful moments that truly tell the story of their child’s development from age 1 to 10. Through 40 easy ‘photo recipes’ (all organised by age, explained in simple steps and paired with adorable photo examples) Me Ra not only helps parents take better photos, but inspires them to discover photography as a way to connect with, cherish and celebrate their children. Each photo recipe includes a simple explanation of how to set up and take the photo, with specific camera settings for both point-and-shoots and DSLRS, along with an inspiring photo example taken either by Me Ra or one of the many amateur photographer mums who have taken her workshops. As parents work their way through the book, they pick up valuable photo tips, such as how to take a portrait with a blurry background, how to freeze their child in actions and how to take photos in challenging low-light settings.

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