A City in Pictures: London


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One of the world’s great cities, Britain’s capital has long been an icon not only for the seven million inhabitants who live and work there, but also for the many visitors who flock to the metropolis from nationwide and abroad. With the majestic River Thames flowing through its heart, London is home to the Royal Family, hub of finance, seat of government, a centre for the arts and host to several international sporting events. This book forms a tour of the city’s historic streets of medieval and classical architecture, sumptuous palaces and distinctive bridges. It captures the rich characters of Soho and Chinatown, London’s quaint squares and verdant parks, the vibrant West End, world-class restaurants, the ubiquitous London pub, fine museums and art galleries and the stadia that host sporting spectacles from greyhound racing, cricket and speedway to football and lawn tennis. This comprehensive tourist memento is a visual guide to the city’s pomp and pageantry, celebrations, carnivals and glittering night life, as well as to the rich mix of diverse cultures that nevertheless exude a unique character, all revealed in more than 500 photographs hand-picked from the vast archives of the Press Association.

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