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Part of the infographic 4-Letter Word series, each containing 4 chapters to teach how to PLAN, MAKE, PLAY and GROW. The words are kept to a minimum as an expert author employs illuminating and entertaining illustrations, infographics, charts, tips and cheat-sheets, to guide you through all the essentials you need to discover and develop your new craft. BREW is a complete course in mastering the ever-so trendy craft of home brewing, the ideal handbook for the aspiring ale-maker and a master brewer’s entertaining accomplice. In a series of simple but beautifully illustrated steps, our expert author describes and demonstrates all the essentials and more. Discover how to PLAN your home brewery and plot your equipment; how to master the essential methods required to MAKE your first batch; how to PLAY with recipes and ingredients to develop your own unique flavours; and where to find the ideas and inspiration to help you GROW your hobby into a business or a lifelong passion.

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