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No matter how cute the design, or how breathtaking the yarn, it doesn’t matter if the finished garment doesn’t fit. In this book, knitters will find a solid resource on shaping (and wearing) knitwear to advantage as well as 24 patterns designed to deliver a satisfying fit. Every knitter has experienced that moment when she finishes a sweater, casts off and smiles – only to pull it over her head, look in the mirror and frown. In Knits that Fit, knitters will find the information to help them achieve knitting success by breaking free from the bad habit of blindly following a pattern. From the basics of proper length and width to advice based on body type, there are tonnes of useful instructions and tips inside. Organised by type of garment (short sleeved, pullover and cardigans) the patterns featured all look at attention to fit in some way. The basic, unshaped square will be a thing of the past.

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